Package net.sourceforge.jsl

Interface Summary
ScoringSearch Interface for a scoring search on a graph.
Search Interface for a search on a graph.
SearchEdge General notion of a directed edge in a search graph.
SearchNode General notion of a node in a search graph.

Class Summary
AbstractOpenClosedListSearch Abstract base class for a search that works using open and closed list for nodes already searched and nodes still to be processed.
AbstractScoringSearch Abstract base class for a scoring search.
AbstractSearchNode Adapter of the search library to the domain the search is performed in.
AStarSearch Scoring Search using A* strategy.
BreadthFirstSearch Search using breadth first strategy.
DefaultSearchEdge Default implementation of a search edge.
DepthFirstSearch Search using depth first strategy.

Exception Summary
SearchException Excpetion for general search errors.

Copyright 2003-2004 Henrik Heine, Oliver Zeigermann. All Rights Reserved.