Class AStarSearch

All Implemented Interfaces:
ScoringSearch, Search

public class AStarSearch
extends AbstractScoringSearch

Scoring Search using A* strategy. Score is cost of current node SearchNode.getCost() plus estimated rest cost SearchNode.getEstimatedRestCost().

If heuristic of estimated rest cost - as implemented by the custom search node - is admissive this strategy guarantees to find the shallowest goal. A heuristic is admissive if it's estimation of the rest cost is never higher than the actual rest cost.
If heuristic is set to 0 (which of course is admissive) and current cost is set to the depth of the node this strategy is equal to BreadthFirstSearch. These values are default in AbstractSearchNode.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 double score(SearchNode node)
          Calculates the score of the given node.
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Constructor Detail


public AStarSearch()
Method Detail


public double score(SearchNode node)
Description copied from interface: ScoringSearch
Calculates the score of the given node. The score indicates the preference for the expansion of a specidic node, the lower the score, the better.

Specified by:
score in interface ScoringSearch
Specified by:
score in class AbstractScoringSearch
node - the node to calculate the score for
the score for the node in double precision

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